IT tycoon Azim Premji topped the Hurun India Philanthropy List 2014 by donating Rs. 12316cr

Chaina based The Hurun Research Institute has released the Hurun India philanthropy List 2014, a ranking of the most generous individuals from India.

In its list IT tycoon and Wipro’s chairman Azim Premji has topped for the second year in a row with a record-breaking donation of 12,316cr rupees to his Azim Premji Foundation. Azim Premji states, “I strongly believe that those of us, who are privileged to have wealth, should contribute significantly to try and create a better world for the millions who are far less privileged”.

Hurun India Philanthropy List 2014

Anil Sharma of UK based Vedanta resources came in second with a total donation of 1796 crore rupees.

HCL’s chairman and founder of SSN Trust India Mr shiv Nadar is the third in the list with donation of 1136cr rupees.

Ratan Tata placed four in the list has donated 620cr rupees to charitable organizations through JRD TATA and Sir Ratan Tata Trust. Both trusts are working in the areas of nutrition & health, clean water to rural masses and health and hygiene.

To make this list, the Hurun Report surveyed 300 of India’s most successful entrepreneurs, including those from the Hurun India Rich List 2014, meticulously cross referencing the results with media reports and charitable foundations. In the course of the research, Hurun Report attended non profit-related seminars, as well as meeting with scholars, experts, philanthropists and senior members of charitable foundations.

Donations for this research were measured by the value of their cash or cash equivalent pledged with legally binding commitments for the 18 months period starting from 1 April 2013 to 31 October 2014.

Top 10 of Hurun India Philanthropy List 2014

Rank Name Donation in rupees Crore Donation US$Mn Primary Cause Age Company City Industry
1 Azim Premji 12,316 1990 Education 69 Wipro Bangalore TMT
2 Anil Agarwal 1,796 291 Social and Rural Development 61 Vedanta Resource London Energy
3 Shiv Nadar 1136 160 Education 69 HCL New Delhi TMT
4 Ratan Tata 620 100 Education 77 Tata Sons Mumbai Manufacturing
5 Mukesh Ambani 603 95 Healthcare 57 Reliance Mumbai Energy
6 Nandan & Rohini Nilekani 498 80 Education 59 Infosys Bangalore TMT
7 Kavitark Ram Shriram 377 60 Education 58 Google Menlo Park TMT
8 Ronnie and Zarina Screwvala 350 55 Social and Rural Development 52 UTV Group Mumbai TMT
9 S Gopalakrishnan 255 40 Healthcare 59 Infosys Bangalore TMT
10 Ravi Pillai 145 25 Healthcare 64 Ravi Pillai Group Dubai Real estate

List showing Favoured Philanthropic Causes

Rank Cause No.of Contributors Total Contribution(rupees in Cr) Highest contributor Highest Individual Donation (rupees in Cr)
1 Education 27 15,791 Azim Premji 12,316
2 Social and Rural Development 9 2,333 Anil Agarwal 1,796
3 Healthcare 13 1,447 Mukesh Ambani 603
4 Environmental Protection 1 12 Hemendra Kothari 12


Hurun Report included donations made by companies in which an individual had a significant share, by applying the percentage the individual has of the company on the donations. So, for example, JP Associates in the period made donations of INR 49cr, and Jaiprakash Gaur holds 45% of the shares of the company, so Hurun Report recorded Gaur’s donations as INR 22cr.

The list includes only individuals born and bred in India regardless of the passport they currently hold. Values are rounded, and past figures are subject to exchange rate fluctuations. 1 USD = INR 61.76

Link to Hurun India Philanthropy List 2014

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