How to apply for a director identification number or DIN

In India, all the existing directors as well as those intending to be directors are required to obtain director identification number or DIN.

Director identification number or as popularly known as DIN, is a unique number which is compulsorily required to be mentioned in each e-form filled with the registrar of companies. Without DIN, company registration is not possible in India.

In this article, we will be discussing how a director can apply for director identification number or DIN in India and certain common mistakes that one should avoid while applying for DIN.

DIN or director identification number application

Before knowing the procedure, let us first know the document requirement part for applying director identification number.

Like in any other application, for applying DIN you are required to have one identity proof, one address proof and one photograph in JPEG format. All Indian nationals are required to produce their PAN card copy as a mandatory requirement for proof of identity.

If the address proof has a photo in it then also it will not be treated as ID proof and the applicant is required to produce PAN card copy along with the application form.

Copy of passport, Voter ID, ration card, driving license, Adhar card, electricity bill, telephone bill and bank account statement in the name of the applicant are accepted as address proof for DIN application.

These documents should not be older than 2 months from the date of filing. In cases of foreign applicant, address proof should not be older than 1 year from the date of filing.

In addition to all these documents, you are also required to give an affidavit in 10 or 20 rupee stamp paper (as prescribed in the specific format DIR-4) and specimen signature form in INC-10 to the professional chartered accountant or CS who will be digitally signing DIN application form.

Step by step procedures for filling DIN application online

DIN application form or DIR-3 has to be digitally signed by a chartered accountant or company secretary before uploading online. Once it’s signed and uploaded, applicant will get your director identification number immediately. Person who is applying for DIN is also required to digitally sign the form DIR-3.

As per the present law, it’s not required to submit hard copies of the documents along with the application form at the DIN cell. ID proof, address proof, photo and other details are required to be scanned and attached to the application form.

Here are the steps for applying director identification number;

  • Download director identification number or DIN application form (i.e. DIR-3)
  • Fill up all the details as asked in it.
  • Attach scanned copy of ID proof, Address proof, photo, affidavit, specimen signatures form and any other documents required if any (like marriage certificate).
  • CA or CS and applicant must digitally sign the application form and then upload it to the ROC through a registered account.

After uploading successfully it will ask for payment of application fee i.e. Rs.500. One can use credit card or internet banking to pay it online.

Because of the new companies act 2013 applicants are now required to digitally sign the application form. So before applying for DIN, we suggest you to have a DSC first.

Mistakes to avoid while applying for Director Identification Number

There are common mistakes that may cause rejection of your DIN application. Here are the lists of common mistakes that one should avoid while applying for Director Identification Number;

  • Name should not be mentioned in abbreviated form and should match with the address and identity proof attached with the application form.
  • Prefixes like Mr. or Ms. or Kumari or Shri etc should not be used along with the applicant’s name.
  • Supporting documents submitted along with the application form should be attested.
  • Recent valid document proof must be attached. If bank passbook, electricity bill, telephone bill or any other utility bills are submitted then that must not be older than 2 months of submitting the DIN application form.
  • Date of birth as mentioned in PAN card is not matching with the DOB mentioned in DIN application form.

There can be cases where applicant has changed his or her name after marriage or due to some other reason ID proof has a different name than the new name mentioned in DIN application form. In these types of cases, applicant must attaché scanned copy of additional documents like marriage certificate or copy of gazette notification along with DIN application form.

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