3 easy steps to get your company registered in India

Company registration is overseen by the state ROC office functioning under the ministry of corporate affairs of India. In some states like Maharashtra and Tamilnadu, we have two registered offices and the jurisdictions have also been decided like that.

For and on behalf of these jurisdictional Registrar of Companies, the company registration process has been centrally managed by Central Registration Centre located at Manesar.

After company registration, you can do business all over India but for legal purpose you need to get it registered with the state ROC based on the location of your registered office.

This means, if you want to have your registered office in Bangalore then company registration process has to be completed with the Karnataka State ROC which is in Bangalore.

Company registration easy steps

To get your company registered you need to take professional help from a chartered accountant or company secretary or cost accountant locally.

We have also seen few consultancies and companies offering company registration services online. You can take their help to get your company registered but please remember they cannot do on their own. They must be taking above professional’s help to get it processed as you will have lots of documents and paper work which need to be certified by these professionals.

If you have decided to register your company then following three easy steps will help you to know the process early before the registration process starts.

As most of our startups are use to start with a private limited company, in this article we will be discussing the registration procedures of a private limited company.

Get your Director Identification Number – DIN

Before you start your company registration process, you need to get your director identification number which is a unique number delivered by ministry of corporate affairs to identify each and every director.

DIN is similar to PAN. Each and every document that is required to be produced before ROC has to have these numbers and your registration will not start without that.

To get your DIN you have to produce one passport size photograph in .jpg format, address proof and identity proof.

Getting DIN approved is instant. The moment your Chartered Accountant and CS uploaded theses forms with their electronic signature, you will get your DIN instantly within a second.

Before applying for director identification number, you need to make sure that you have digital signature with you. Every applicant is required to sign the application form digitally with his or her DSC in addition to the certification of a chartered accountant or CS.

As company registration process is online, you will also be required to sign specific documents electronically. You can request your Chartered Accountant or CS to get you a DSC. It’s a very easy step but will take 2-3 days to get it delivered. So you need to plan in advance.

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Apply for your company Name

With the DIN, now you are ready to get into the 2nd phase of company registration process.

After getting your DIN approved, you have to provide 6 alternative names in your order of priority to get one name approved for your company.

All documents that are required to be filed with ROC for company registration will be prepared with the approved name.

Please remember, ROC will approve the name that has given highest priority if it’s available. Its not mandatory that you have to give six alternative names. If you are 100% sure that the name of the company is available then you can also apply with one name.

Many times it happens that the company’s name has not been allotted to the applicant because of trademark issues. You need to check it online to know whether your desired name is available for registration or not.

You are not required to provide any kind of documents while applying for approval of company name. But detail information like your probable official address, names with explanation, directors list are required. If you have trademark registration then a self attested copy of trademark registration certificate has to be attached with the application form.

If you have filled up the application form correctly then it will be approved within 3 days time otherwise ROC will send the application back for modification. Again you have to follow the same process and submit it for approval.

Your application can be sent back only 3 times for necessary changes after which if any errors are their then your application will get rejected and you need to apply fresh.

Getting company name is the vital point in whole company registration process as other steps are just procedural.

Apply for company registration

With your name, now you are ready to follow the final step in company registration process.

Your professional Chartered Accountant or CS must have prepared Memorandum of Association and Article of Association by stating company’s objective and regulations to follow after company registration. If they have not shown those documents to you then ask for a copy to go through before starting final step of company registration process.

Memorandum of association or MOA will indicate the business objectives for which you are forming your company. Please remember that you cannot carry on any other business in the name of your company if it’s not specified in the MOA.

Article of Association or AOA will specify the rules and regulations that the company will follow while carrying on its business.

These two documents are vital for company registration and you must go through and ask your professional Chartered Accountant or CS to make necessary changes that are required for your business or else take their opinion to understand it better.

There are some more documents which are required based on the types of company you register and place of registration. To understand it better we request you to speak to your Chartered Accountant or CS on this.

With all these documents, your CA or CS will apply it online with ROC for registration. If everything goes well then within 3 to 5 days you will get your incorporation certificate delivered to your mail box.

With the incorporation certificate you can start your business.

Fees and Forms required for company registration

Steps Form Amount in Rs.
Application for DIN (For two directors) DIR3 (Rs. 500 per DIN) 1000
Application for Name Approval INC1 1000
Registration(For authorized capital of Rs.100000) INC7, INC22 and DIR12 3200
Total 5,200

Registration fee in the third step is based on the authorized capital of your company. You can find out the exact amount based on your authorized capital from the calculator option in ministry of corporate affair’s website.

We have not included professional fees of Chartered Accountant or CS and other costs like notarized fee for affidavit, DSC, stamp fee and stamp paper cost into our above calculation.


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