Google’s safe browsing will now warn for Malware and Phishing Attacks

To keep people safe across the web, Google has updated its Safe Browsing service. It will now protect users from visiting unsafe websites and will also notify webmasters on these issues.

With this new update, now Google Chrome users will receive warning messages before entering into a Malware or Phishing sites.

As said by Lucas Ballard, Software Engineer of Google, this new safe browsing option will have following additional features;

  • Chrome will show new type of warning messages before downloading unwanted software.
  • Google search will show signals on deceptive sites offering unwanted software downloads.
  • Google Adsense now disable adds that lead to sites with unwanted software.

As per Google, approximately 1 billion people are using safe browsing.

What is Google’s Safe Browsing

Webmasters can use Malware which are specifically built unwanted software to take control of your computer. Users can also be tricked by webmasters into giving up their personal information in a Phishing scam.

Safe Browsing is a Google service which enables application to check URLs against an updates list of suspected Phishing and Malware sites. It helps to keep users safe online and protects users from such malicious websites and against unwanted software downloads.

This means, when the user attempts to navigate to a site or attempt to downloads a file by using Chrome, Mozila Firefox and Apple Safari browsers, Safe Browsing checks that the site or file against a list of sites determined by Google to serve phishing or malware attacks and malicious file signatures.

Warning as shown below will be issued by Google before user click on links in a site that may lead to malware infected pages or attempt to navigate to a site which install software specifically designed to take control over user’s computer.

google safe browsing

Even in search results, Google have incorporated signals to let the user know deceptive sites before visiting. Google also disabled those ads which lead to sites with unwanted software.

Google has requested website owners to register sites with Google Webmaster tool to know if their site leads people to download unwanted software.

Google safe browsing tool examines website URLs every day and discovers unsafe sites which are either compromised or intentionally created to threaten users’ privacy and security.

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