HDFC bank offers instant money transfer through Chillr App

Today, HDFC bank announced that HDFC customers can now transfer money to their contacts having other bank accounts by using Chillr App.

As claimed by HDFC, money from HDFC customer’s account can be sent to anyone in customer’s contact list by using contact’s mobile number without adding him or her as beneficiaries. This means you are not required to use bank account number and IFSC code of the recipient. By using Near Me option one can also send money without sharing mobile numbers.

hdfc bank chillr application

For high security, HDFC will be sending M-PIN to mobile numbers to authorize transactions. To use this facility customer has to generate MMID using MobileBanking or NetBanking and then call 1800 2666 262 (Toll free) to generate M-PIN.

As claimed by HDFC, Chillr is a revolutionary new App that lets you send money immediately to anyone in your phone book, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. No more hassles of adding beneficiaries!

One can also request money and split bill amount among friends, recharge mobile phones and data cards. You can also pay online or offline by using Chillr.

Chillr is a free mobile application which allows users to transfer money immediate to friends in phone book in an easy and secure manner. Chillr can be used in Android, iOS and Windows phones. After sending money the user will instantly receive the money in the bank account linked to Chillr.

HDFC bank has fixed the maximum amount per transaction as Rs 5000 and maximum amount that can be sent per day as Rs 5000. Maximum number of transaction allowed per day is 10.

Using Chillr will help banks to reduce the dependency on ATMs and cheque payments. By using the application you can also request for payments or like we discussed above pay your bills.

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