HDFC Net profit at Rs 1425 crore for Q3 FY2015 – Rising 11.56 % YOY

Today, HDFC announced its unaudited standalone financial results for the quarter ending 31st December 2014. Profit for the quarter stood at Rs 1425.5 crore as against Rs 1277.71 crore in the same quarter last year, rising 11.5 percent.

During this quarter, HDFC has created provisions for deferred tax liability on special reserve for 87.29 crore. The profit after tax but before the impact of Deferred Tax Liability on Special Reserve stood at Rs 1,512.78 crore compared to Rs 1,277.71 crore in the corresponding quarter of the previous year, representing a growth of 18%.


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HDFC’s Net interest income which is derived after taking out Interest and Other Charges from income from operation is at Rs 2067.86 crore compared to Rs 1829 crore for the quarter ending 31st December 2013, rising 13% YOY.

Income from operation for HDFC has gone up to Rs 6655.64 crore from Rs 5908.87 crore in same quarter last fiscal year. Dividend income for the company in quarter ending 31st December 2014 has also gone up to Rs 102.72 crores from Rs 76.31 crores of the same quarter last fiscal year.

As at December 31, 2014 the total assets of HDFC stood at Rs 2,45,895 crore as against Rs 2,17,819 crore as at December 31, 2013 – an increase of 13%.

Basic EPS for the third quarter FY 2015 is Rs 9.07 per equity share as against Rs 8.19 per equity share a year ago.

HDFC has not published its consolidated financial results for this quarter. As said by the company, it will be published at a later date after the approval of the unaudited quarterly financial results of HDFC Bank Limited by its Board of Directors and its subsequent approval by the Board of the Corporation/Committee of Directors duly constituted in terms of Clause 41(II) of the Listing Agreements.

Financial results of HDFC – Rupees in Crore

Particulars Q3 FY 2015(third quarter ending 31st December 2014) Q3 FY 2014(third quarter ending 31st December 2013)
Income from Operations 6655.64 5908.87
Dividend income 102.72 76.31
Profit on sale of investments 112.59 34.62
Profit after tax 1425.49 1277.71
Basic EPS Rs 9.07 Per equity share Rs 8.19 Per equity share

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