How to raise income tax refund re-issue request online

Many times we have seen taxpayers not getting their income tax refund even after filling their IT return before due date. Such kind of situations may arise for different reasons.

Let us first look into certain possible reasons for not getting income tax refund in time. Here are those reasons;

  • Bank details such as account number and IFSC code is not correct.
  • Communication address mentioned in IT return is not correct by which cheque has not been delivered to taxpayer.
  • Mismatch between form 26AS and tax details in IT return.
  • Details such as BSR code, date of payment and challan numbers are not filled up correctly in IT return.
  • ITR V has not yet been received at CPC Bangalore office.

There can be some other reasons for not getting income tax refund in time but above points are the most common mistakes for which tax refund gets delayed.

income tax refund re-issue request

After filling IT return if you are not getting your tax refund from tax department then it’s always advised to check your refund status online to know the reason of delay.

Visit your income tax account. After logging in please select my account > my return/ form.

Here you will have status updates for all of your IT return that are uploaded to income tax server. You can see whether ITR has been received or not. If it’s not received then resend ITR V immediately to CPC Bangalore officer address.

If ITR V is received and refund is not issued then it will show you the reason for not sending tax refund. Like we discussed above their can be many reason for not issuing refund.

To now the exact reason of failure in getting tax refund, you need to select refund/demand status option from my account tab.

There can be situations like assessee has failed to mention correct bank details IT return or address is in correct or assessee has moved to new address by which cheque has not been delivered.

In such kind of situations, one can follow following steps to raise a reissue request by which tax refund will be reissued to you at your new bank account or address as mentioned in refund re-issue request form.

Now you need to follow below steps for reissuing tax refund to you.

  • Go to my account and select refund re-issue request.
  • You will be displayed with the taxpayer’s PAN. Select the assessment year for which tax refund has to be reissued and then enter CPC communication reference and refund sequence number followed by date of birth and image text before selecting validate. CPC communication number and refund sequence number can be obtained from the above steps where you checked your tax refund status. CPC communication number is the one that is available on the first page of intimation u/s 143(1) that you have received on your mail and refund sequence number is a ten digit number available on the first page of the communication that you received. You can also get it online while checking your online refund status.
  • After submitting the details a refund re-issue request form will be generated. You need to fill up your correct bank details and new address where you want your tax refund cheque to be delivered.
  • Complete form must be signed and need to send to following address by ordinary or speed post along with a cancel cheque.

Address to which refund re-issue request must be sent;

Income tax department – CPC, Post Box No – 1, Electronic city post office, Bangalore – 560100, Karnataka


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