How to check your income tax refund status online

Earlier many taxpayers have faced delay in income tax refund. Now, with the introduction of online filling, the process has been streamlined and we have seen income tax refunds are been processed within 6 months time.

Our article on how to check your income tax refund status online will be beneficial to those who have filled their income tax return online i.e. by uploading their return file to income tax server.How to check your income tax refund status online

If you are one of those who filled his or her IT return online then income tax refund status can be known online from TSDL site.

Steps to check your income tax refund status online

You can follow our below steps to know your income tax refund status;

  • Go to NSDL Site’s refund status page.
  • Down below the screen you will have two fields to enter. In the first place you are required to enter the permanent account number of the person for whom you want to see the refund status.
  • After entering the PAN or permanent account number, select the assessment year for which you have applied for a refund.
  • Click On submit button

How to check your income tax refund status online

Now you will be displayed with the status i.e. the mode of payment, reference number, date of refund and refund status remarks.

Please remember, you are required to type the PAN number in capital letter. If you type in small letters then it will give an error message like “invalid pan”.

If no results are displayed for you then your income tax refund has not yet processed by IT department. You may check after a week to know the exact status as it takes a week time to get updated.

How to get your refund in Time

To get your refund on time, in addition to filling your income tax return you are required to have following things in mind;

  • Enter your correct bank account number and IFSC Code of the branch where you have account.
  • Give your correct address to which courier or post can be reached
  • Provide your valid email ID to get communication if anything goes wrong
  • Enter your active mobile number to get refund status SMS and to know problems of not processing refund

If your income tax refund is pending for a long time then contact your assessing officer immediately. You can take any professional help like of a chartered accountant or advocate to help you in this matter.

We suggest you to register yourself with income tax website to get a complete detail of your IT return status and process status. It will also give you the details of refund process with dates. We will cover this on our next article.

Please give your feedback and suggestion to know the problem that you are facing while getting refund from income tax department.

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