How and where to send ITR V after e-filling your income tax return

ITR V is an acknowledgement form generated after uploading your income tax return online. If you have not used digital signature certificate while uploading your return of income (i.e. ITR-1, ITR-2, ITR-4 etc) then after getting a soft copy of ITR V, you are required to take a print out and send the singed copy to income tax department-CPC, Bangalore by ordinary or speed post.

After downloading ITR V you are required to open it with the password in combination of your PAN number and date of birth.

For companies, instead of date of birth, date of incorporation is required to be entered. PAN number must be entered in lower case. In case of partnership firm, date of constitution should be considered as date of birth.

For example; if your PAN is ABCDE0000F and date of birth is 01-01-2001 then password that needs to be entered for opening your ITR V is abcde0000f01012001.

Below in this article we will be discussing how and where to send ITR V after e-filling and certain Do’s and Don’ts for printing and submitting ITR V to Income tax department – CPC Bangalore office.

ITR V Form

How and where to send ITR V

Here are the steps that one should follow while sending ITR V to income tax department – CPC office

  • Open ITR V with the password as per our above instructions.
  • Take a print out in black ink in a plain A4 size paper.
  • Sign ITR V at the bottom verification “sign here” place.
  • Put it in a A4 size cover and send it to income tax department – CPC, Bangalore officer in ordinary or speed post. Address for sending ITR V is given below;

Income tax department – CPC, Post Box No: 1, Electronic City Post Office, Bangalore, Karnataka – 560100

After sending ITR V you need to track it online to know its status. If it reaches at income tax office then you will receive a message to your mobile number and email ID. After acceptance, an acknowledgement copy in PDF format will be sent to your email ID by income tax department.

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Do’s and Don’ts for printing and submitting ITR V

Please consider following Do’s and Don’ts before sending ITR-V to income tax department – CPC office.

  • ITR V print out should be taken on A4 size white paper. Print out should be clear and visible. Avoid taking light print or faded print.
  • ITR V copy should be signed in blue ink and original copy should be sent instead of a photo copy of the original. The TRP place should be left blank.
  • Bar code and number below the bar code should be clearly visible. You should not write anything on it.
  • Do not fold the paper and also do not write anything on the back of ITR-V.
  • Documents like annexure, covering letter, pre stamped envelopes are not required to be attached along with ITR-V.
  • In case you are sending ITR-V related to two financial year or original with revised return then do not print ITR-V back to back. Use two separate papers for printing.
  • ITR-V is required to be sent to “Income tax department – CPC, Post Box No: 1, Electronic City Post Office, Bangalore, Karnataka-560100” by ordinary or speed post only. If you mention Post Box No: 1 then speed post will not be allowed. So remove post box no: 1 if you want to send it through speed post.
  • Make sure that you send ITR-V well before so that it reaches income tax department – CPC office within 120 days from the date of uploading your Income tax return.

If you obey above procedures correctly then your ITR-V will never get rejected. If you have not followed and find your ITR V gets rejected then track the status online and send another ITR-V as instructed above.


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