LinkedIn Launches free app Lookup, to help connect with coworkers

LinkedIn has released a new app called Lookup that helps professionals to easily find, learn about, and contact their coworkers.

As per the company, with Lookup users can search for coworkers by name, title, current and past experience, education, and skills.

lookup linkedin

Lookup has contact preference setting due to which only coworkers using the app can see it, and don’t appear on their public LinkedIn profiles.

User can send email and messages directly from Lookup. Right now the app is available on iOS, mobile web, and desktop. As per the company, Android app will be coming soon.

This application is built for those who work in large organization where learning about coworkers is crucial.

Users are required to sign in with their company email id to get started and then the app will be able to find profiles of anyone within your company who’s on LinkedIn.

It also find people based on your search if someone is not on LinkedIn or they have not downloaded the Lookup app.

Prior to this launch, LinkedIn surveyed 814 professionals in North America to know how they use their companies’ intranets.

It discovered that only 38 percent of professionals found their company’s intranet to be effective at helping them learn about their coworkers, and 58% of them said it would be more effective if they could find coworkers with specific skills.

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