Bengaluru based messaging App Lookup raises Rs.2.4 Crore from Japanese Investors

Bengaluru based messaging App Lookup has begins this year with two Japanese investors DeNA and Teruhide Sato.

DeNA which is pronounced as D-N-A, has a current flagship business of mobile social games platform Mobage, which offers second and third party games on multiple localized player networks world wide.

Teruhide sato is the president and CEO of netprice. He also launched cybercash, an online payment paltform to japanese market.

messaging App Lookup raises Rs.2.4 Crore

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Teruhide was ecstatic to be investing in Lookup, he says “I am happy to join the Lookup journey. India is a very big and exciting market for investors around the globe now. We feel Lookup is a great Idea and has the potential to gain the local market”

Deepak Ravindran, founder of Loopup says “Both our recent investors have strong foothold in the mobile space and have successfully led innovations in Japan, their enriched experience will further add to our vision”.

As reported in ET, Lookup has raised a total of $382000 or about 2.4 crore from both investors.

Lookup is a free and secure messaging app which helps customers to search for the local business, chart with local business and shops to make reservation, book appointments, find product availability and equire prices.

In 2014, Lookup successfully completed 2 rounds of seed investment of $160 and $100 from Infosys Co-founder Krish Gopalkrishnana and MKS Switzerland SA.

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