Micromax beats Samsung for first time to take top positions in India

Indian smartphone maker Micromax beats South Korea’s Samsung Electronics Co Ltd for the first time in the fourth quarter of 2014 to become the leading mobile phone supplier in India.


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In a research report, Canalys said Micromax sold 4.6 million smartphones in India in the October-December quarter of year 2014, ahead of Samsungs 4.4 million units. In July-September quarter of year 2014 Samsung was ahead of Micromax  by selling 4.1 million units compare to Micromax’s 4.0 million.

In total, 21.5 million units of smarphones are sold in India during October-December period of 2014 compare to 18.9 million units in July-September period of 2014.

Out of total 21.5 million units Karban and Lava sold 2 million and 1.5 million respectively in India. Other mobile manufacturer sold 9 million mobile phones which includes Nokia.

This means, during the fourth quarter top four players in india by units shipped were Micromax, Samsung, Karbonn and Lava.

Overall Indian mobile market experienced a strong growth of 90% year-on-year.

Micromax’s performance was partly due to its continuing appeal to mobile phone users upgrading to smart phones. Its flagship line of products has also very effectively targeted the Rs 9000 to Rs 12000 segment, with products such as the Canvas Nitro and Canvas Hue. By addressing these important segments Micromax takes a 22% share of the total smartphone market in India, ahead of Samsung at 20%.

In fourth quarter 2014, 23% shipments were priced under Rs 6000, while 41% were of devices in the Rs 6000 to Rs 12000 segment.

Here is Table showing Canalys research data in units sold by Micromax, Samsung, Karbonn, Lava and other Smartphone manufacturer in India.

Units in Millions

Vendor Q4 2014 Q3 2014
Micromax 4.6 4
Samsung 4.4 4.1
Karbonn 2 1.8
Lava 1.5 2
Others 9 7
Total 21.5 18.9

Canalys Analyst Rushabh Doshi said, “Canalys believes catering to local market preferences will become increasingly important. Micromax has been quicker than its competitors to improve the appeal of devices, for example, by including a wide variety of local languages on its Unite phones. Lava, another domestic vendor, has launched devices that cater to the preference for greater battery life – in this case a couple of days. But vital to success is selling these handsets at low price points to appeal to the bulging mid-level income market in India.”

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