Online recruitment portal Talentpad to shutdown operation

Online recruitment platform, Talentpad, is shutting down its business effective immediately. Talentpad started it’s operation in February 2014. Over last 18 months, they have helped companies to hire from some of the best tech talent in India.


The company said through a blog post “We failed to figure out a scalable business for a big enough market. One of the things that our entire team has been passionate about is making a big impact to a wide ranging audience. We could not figure out a way to achieve that.”

Talentpad confirmed that, candidates who are already in the process of interviewing, will be coordinated properly right through till the time they join. They have stopped taking new profiles.

For employer, the company has said that “If the candidate leaves within 90 days of joining, we’ll refund you the entire amount.”

In may this year, talentpad acquired OptimizedBits for an undisclosed sum. Post acquisition, entire team including co-founders of OptimizedBits joined TalentPad.

TalentPad is an online platform which helps job seekers to connect with companies through talent fair, a periodically conducted week long online event across employers for a few roles.

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