Opera Software Acquires SurfEasy, a Toronto based Secure VPN service provider

Norway based Opera Software has acquired SurfEasy.  Opera Software is a well known global internet company having more than 350 million users worldwide.

After this acquisition, Opera says nothing will change in SurfEasy services, Customers will continue to enjoy SurfEasy uninterrupted as have been so far. These include freemium apps for Windows, Mac, Android, iPad, and iPhone devices.

Opera Software Acquires SurfEasy

In the near future, customer can expect expanded service and even better support, as company strive to remain at the forefront of privacy innovation.

SurfEasy started four years ago in the year 2011 in Toronto with a goal of making online privacy, security and freedom accessible to everyone. Today, SurfEasy is known by millions of people around the world for safe online browsing and for protecting personal information from hacking, monitoring and censorship.

Hackers can access financial details, personal information and user’s accounts online. SurfEasy VPN helps users to protect personal privacy and keeps them secure on the internet. With SurfEasy, you can surf the web safely, privately and anonymously

SurfEasy works on all type of devices like phones, tablets, public computers and office PC.

Lars Boilesen, CEO of Opera Software, said, “More and more internet users are starting to question whether they can trust the internet these days, and are actively looking for secure solutions for their phone or computer”

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