Platform Ticket Rates at Railway Stations revised to Rs 10

Railway Ministry has taken a decision to hike the rate of platform ticket to Rs 10 per ticket from earlier rate of Rs 5 per ticket with effect from April 1. This means, the revised rate of platform ticket will be charged on platform ticket to be issued from 01.04.2015.

Railway has sent directions to All Zonal Railways to print the revised tickets on top priority and ensure supply to all stations well in time. However, till such time the tickets are printed, the existing stock of tickets may be used with the rate corrected with a stamp.

Platform Ticket Rates at Railway Stations revised to Rs 10

Wherever platform tickets are issued through SPTM & UTS or other machines, their software may to be modified to collect the revised rate.

Further, the Ministry of Railways has delegated the power to Divisional Railway Managers (DRMs) to increase the rate of platform tickets beyond Rs.10/- to regulate rush at platforms during specific requirements like mela, rally etc.

It’s an attempt to reduce rush inside the stations and increase revenue to provide better infrastructure at stations.

To book and address passenger complains railway also launched portal and mobile App for passenger to book complain.

Railway also started to educate passengers to use automatic ticket vending machines (ATVMS) for buying tickets by themselves.

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