Twitter acquires Whetlab – A machine learning start-up

Online social networking site, Twitter has acquired Cambridge based machine learning start up Whetlab, which has announced about this acquisition on its website.

As announced on whetlab’s website, the company will be shutting down its public-facing service on July 15, 2015. However, it further said that, this does mean, however, that we will be shutting down our closed beta on July 15, 2015.


Post acquisition, twitter will gain both access to Whetlab’s technology.

Whetlab said “Twitter is the platform for open communication on the internet and we believe that Whetlab’s technology can have a great impact by accelerating Twitter’s internal machine learning efforts”.

Whetlab is developing a technology which will make machine learning faster for companies to implement. The startup, a team of five, was only around a year old at the time of the acquisition. All five members team including Hugo Larochelle, Ryan Adams, Kevin Swersky, Jasper Snoek and Alex Wiltschko of Whetlab will be joining Twitter.

Meanwhile, the company has suggested to download and migrate their data to other possible systems like Spearmint, SMAC and HyperOpt

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