Venom GT – World’s fastest car with a top speed of 434 KM Per Hour

During a test run at Kennedy space center on the 3.2 miles space shuttle landing runway in Florida, Venom GT has set a world record with a supper speed of 434 Kilometre per hour. Powered by Pennzoil platinum with PurePlus technology and twin turbocharged seven litre V8 engine, Hennessey has claimed that their invention is the fastest thing in four wheels segment.

It’s able to manage a top speed of 270.49 mph. The earlier record of 269mph (431 km per hour) by Bugatti Veyron Super Sport’s car has now been broken.

However this will not be entering in Guinness World record book as to enter into it, the car need to perform two runs. Nasa allowed only one run. With this, still Bugatti Veyron sport’s car will hold the record.

World’s Top Ten Fastest Car


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